A complete service for the mountain bike rider and racer...

Personal Mountain Bike Training - Comprehensive planning of the days, months and years of your development as an athlete.

PMBT is the full package. After an initial questionnaire and consultation (in person ideally, or by phone) I will outline the main work areas and suggest key focus areas for the year ahead (remainder of the season if mid year). Once we agree to proceed I produce an outline annual overview, provide all training plans and all relevant session plans. Contact is crucial - once per week by phone, after I have consulted your Trainingpeaks files (TPs accounts owned by the client). Unlimited email and/or text contact time, the greater the feedback the happier I am. Additionally I can help source, set up and analyse physiological assessment (in an accredited lab) or provide basic turbo testing protocols, nutritional consultancy (via partners) and strength and conditioning work. I limit my PMBT clients to a maximum of 6 in order to ensure the highest quality service and really pride myself on the regular contact I have with my clients, actually chatting with them each week. It is during these conversations that you will likely gain the greatest benefits from being coached by me.
£150 / month paid in advance
£150 one off set up fee to include initial consultation

12 months for the price of 11 if paid up fully in advance (£1650 per year)
After first year I include one consultation / longer performance analysis per year

Single Event Training - For target event impact, fast.

A one to three month training package for those targeting a key event. After a questionnaire and phone consultation I will provide a training plan for the period. After this, contact is limited to once per month, at which stage we may make minor tweaks to the original plan. Great if teamed with Skills Coaching, Fitness Coaching or Racing Consultancy and can also serve as a feeder into PMBT.
£195 - 1 month
£275 - 2 months
£350 - 3 months

Athlete Mentoring - Coaching advice without the prescription.

New in 2014, this is perfect for those who wish to plan and organise their own training, yet need to have guidance on hand, and somewhere to bounce ideas around. Based on a few emails per month, and one telephone conversation per month, this package can help experienced riders add new perspective to their training and racing. This is not a budget coaching package, but a useful add on for those who have already received a period of coaching and are now ready to self coach, or for those who are experienced in self coaching and require a light sprinkling of help. In 2016 athlete mentoring will be limited to 2 clients to ensure a high quality and exclusive service.
£75 / month

Racing Consultancy - Inspirational and insightful, packed full of top tips.

Great when combined with Personal Mountain Bike Training or as a stand alone, for individuals or small groups. Time can be divided between on and off the bike, or it can be entirely classroom (or cafe!) based. Consultancy areas may include course pre-riding, race strategy, pacing, racing mindset, warm up, equipment choice, equipment set up, race day nutrition, sponsorship issues and more... basically anything that will help you to achieve your best performance when it counts. Please contact me with specific requirements.

£60 / hour 
£50 / hour for existing PMBT clients



Mountain Bike Guiding -  Just get out and ride.
Group or individual guided rides through the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (and with some good trails to boot!). The route can be entirely tailored to your ability and requirements and will be sure to include some skills, racing and training tips as we ride. This is a great way to ride some of the best natural trails in the South. Available for full or half days, a half day can work perfectly after a morning skills session

Limited availablity on request.


Fitness Session Coaching - Motivational one-on-one coaching. 
An add-on for Personal Mountain Bike Training clients only, this takes a prescribed training session and is overseen by me. Perfect during race build up or periods when motivation needs a boost, I will check form, give feedback and encourage you during the session to ensure that you get the most effective workout. This can be a single or regular session for Personal Mountain Bike Training clients.
£60 - 1 hour

£30 - extra hour


Skills Coaching - Improve your mountain bike technique for endurance racing.
Great for any rider to enhance their endurance racing technical skills. A great add-on to Personal Mountain Bike Training (also makes a great present!). After an equipment analysis and warm up I will work with you to improve your riding technique, using on and off the bike demos, run throughs and feedback. The session will be focused, fun and fulfilling. I can deliver group or individual sessions (groups of up to six). Sessions can be single or regular. Usually skills coaching is limited to the Chilterns area but I have also pre- ridden courses with riders and will travel by agreement. Due to the variety of applications please contact me for further details.
£60 - 1 hour

£110 - 2hrs

£30/hr extra riders (up to 4 extra riders)

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